The website What is Calligraphy (available at https://whatiscalligraphy.com/) serves as a comprehensive platform dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding of calligraphy. The site aims to provide visitors with a wide range of information related to calligraphy, including its history, techniques, styles, and resources.


At What is Calligraphy, our mission is to foster a deeper appreciation for the art of calligraphy and impart valuable knowledge to both beginners and seasoned practitioners. We strive to create an educational environment where individuals can explore various aspects of calligraphy and enhance their skills.


The content featured on What is Calligraphy encompasses a vast array of topics within the field of calligraphy. Visitors to the site can expect to find the following types of information:

Introduction to Calligraphy

Under this section, visitors can gain a foundational understanding of calligraphy, including its definition, historical significance, and cultural relevance. In addition, various calligraphy styles and their characteristics are explored.

Techniques and Tutorials

What is Calligraphy provides in-depth tutorials and guides on different calligraphy techniques. Visitors can learn about writing tools, paper selection, ink types, and the correct hand movements required for specific calligraphy styles.

Styles and Scripts

This section delves into the diverse calligraphy styles found across different cultures and regions. It elucidates the distinct features, origins, and popular usage of notable calligraphy scripts, such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, and more.


What is Calligraphy offers a curated selection of resources for individuals seeking to expand their calligraphy knowledge and skills. This includes recommended books, online courses, workshops, forums, and other platforms for further exploration and engagement.

Accuracy and Reliability

While the information presented on What is Calligraphy is thoroughly researched, it is important to note that calligraphy styles, techniques, and interpretations may vary across different sources and individuals. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to consult multiple resources and individuals within the calligraphy community to form a comprehensive understanding.


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